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Untitled, 2020

Flavia Visconte
Print on cotton paper
30 x 40 cm
Edition of
Unique work
$ 100 USD

About the artist:
Flavia Visconte’s works merge video essays, video installations, and photography. Her investigation focuses on the posthuman condition from a glance influenced by the internet and digital culture. She seeks to reflect the influence of techno-patriarchy in body technologies and in the creation of sexualized devices that contribute to increasing the perception of women as objects. Visconte currently lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Work Description:
The prints are from an ongoing project called Matrescence. In this series, the artist asks: What does it mean to embody the body of a woman? The woman's body, to whom does it belong? Is it a receptacle for patriarchal manipulation? How do we learn about our bodies?

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