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The Egg Donor Myth, 2021

Flavia Visconte
4:57 min
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About the artist:
Flavia Visconte’s works merge video essays, video installations, and photography. Her investigation focuses on the posthuman condition from a glance influenced by the internet and digital culture. She seeks to reflect the influence of techno-patriarchy in body technologies and in the creation of sexualized devices that contribute to increasing the perception of women as objects. Visconte currently lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Work statement:
In this video essay I ask myself about the construction of the myth of (m)otherhood and its relationship with physical and paid work. It's about reproductive labor. How reproductive labor, by maintaining and producing workers, demands to be seen as the main source of global capitalism. Pregnancy is not something that society as a whole tends to question, is the romantic conception of gestational labor while for example, surrogacy is most of the time shown as slavery and cruelty, but in many countries is an entry of money for young women who find in their own reproductive capacity a full paid job. How much is true in the saying, what they call love is unpaid work, and how every pregnant person becomes fuel for the engine that sustains the machinery of global capitalism.

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