Miriam Naeh

Miriam Naeh works and lives between Tel Aviv and ‎London. She graduated from Musrara School of Art, Jerusalem (2014) and is doing her MFA in ‎Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London (2016 - 2018). In her work she collects ‎and assembles fragmental elements and situations from different territories, and makes a ‎mixed arena of visual absurdness. She‎ uses photography, video installation, ready-made, ‎sculptures and recorded ‎performance in order to appropriate and reshuffle the visual evidence ‎that has been ‎drawn from reality, thus creating an unreliable report which can shift its focus ‎‎towards possible – possibly fictive – untold stories.

All My Friends are Stones Now, 2018

Flora and Fauna (Oh, and One Transitional Object), 2017

Stiff Enough to Knead or Roll, 2017

The Whole thing was a Misunderstanding, 2018