Interview with Wednesday Kim

Linea de Costa Air / Cádiz , Spain  

Linea de Costa Air / Cádiz , Spain


Wednesday Kim was born in Korea and immigrated to LA, USA and studied in New York, USA. Currently, wandering around. 


Your artworks are mostly dream-like, how does dreams influence your art?

Most of my works are employed by dreams. I dream a lot almost everyday. The hidden forces of the subconscious begin to

swirl with traumatic memory and ended up creating bizarre images in subconscious stages, such as a dream.

So, here is the formula:

Traumatic experience ->(obsession -> instructive thoughts) + subconscious = bizarre and grotesque images in dreams.

When we dream, dreams are fulfilling our deepest, most elemental and primitive wishes, my work is I, me, myself in dream



You used psychology as references for some of the titles of your works, how does psychology play its roll in your art?

I would like to describe my work like the world refracted through the prism of a schizophrenic mind.

Psychology facts are good enough for having fun with imaginations. 


Can you tell us your thought process of making videos?

It is mostly very improvise process. 

I just shoot from the hip. 


Can you tell us about your relationship with your work?

My evil twin. Rescuing me from dissolved reality. 


Do you have any bad habits? And does it affect on your work?

I can’t let go of my belongings(My home is full of objects, mostly found objects and useless things from daily life). 

These are my collection of obsessions. And..having instructive thoughts...I got ideas from them.


What else should we know about you and your work?

Feel free to use your imagination when looking at my work without trying to understand it. 


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