The Rise of the Care Machines

Online Exhibition

June 26, 2021
July 31, 2021
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Curated by Wednesday Kim and co-curated by Flavia Visconte

De:Formal is pleased to present The Rise of the Care Machines, an online digital art exhibition exploring the tension/contraction between motherhood and art. Conceiving the digital medium as a place open to the possibility of new relationships and revealing a whole new way of approaching the symbolic and cultural configuration of motherhood.

What is the impact of motherhood in your artwork? Every artist involved in the exhibition has answered this question in their own way, configuring an artist manifesto dedicated to all new media artists who are making a juggling act between their life and work while also constantly trying to break the barriers of romanticization, working out of love and self-sacrifice.

The artists involved in this exhibition do not reproduce the discourses and practices in which motherhood has been traditionally identified for centuries, but have appropriated this experience to the point of resignifying it from their experience, and from what each one is and has allowed feeling free. Through video, 3D sculpture, animation film, AR filter, and gif, a diverse group of artists explore the representations of the feminine in technology, the cycle of life and death, the subjects of social reproduction, and the care crisis. The Rise of the Care Machines is dedicated to the new media artists who are mothers.

Assistanting technician : Sophia Rigg


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