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November 1, 2019
March 1, 2020
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Curated by Vincent CY Chen, Wednesday Kim, and Tina Shan

De:Formal is pleased to present BAD HABITS, an online digital art exhibition as part of The Wrong Biennale 2019/2020. A survey of contemporary video art, BAD HABITS examines the digital world’s impact on our perception of consumption, romance, politics and the self, with serious humor and through the very medium of digital art.

"What's your bad habit?" Every artist shown at De:Formal has answered this question. It has served as our key to the inner workings of the artist. We ask the same question of the artists presented in this Biennale. By piecing together a collage of what is personal, weird, shameful and lovable, Bad Habits strives to reconstitute the digital screen as a site for full-fleshed human beings to spring forth.

BAD HABITS is therefore a playful curatorial clue rather than a subject matter. By revealing the artist behind the work, it turns art making into a possibility of authenticity in an age where any authenticity at all is under threat. The exhibition is composed of five thematic sections: Alienating Consumption, Utopia, Modern Myths, Urban War, and Digital Hypnotism.

De:Formal invites viewers to immerse in the exhibition and take part in the digital collective consciousness.


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