Andrei Venghiac


Performing Manifest I, 2013 @Andrei Venghiac


Performing Menifest II, 2013 @Andrei Venghiac


Artists Space, 2013 @Andrei Venghiac

Aktion, 2012 @Andrei Venghiac


Andrei Venghiac (b.1990) is a Romanian artist currently living and working in Gothenburg Sweden. Andrei has studied in multiple art schools, holding a BFA in Photography (2013) from George Enescu University of Arts, Iasi, Romania and a MFA in Fine Art (2015) from Valand Academy, Gothenburg Sweden. Andrei self-published his first book, Alexithymia, and Valand Academy has issued a monograph in his name comprising his works from 2014 to 2015.