Alejandra Urresti

Frequent dream
something secret appears in my house
a new floor a room an attic
hundreds of tables
white sheets of paper in stacks
one is blue
it says water
May it fall down
my house may it break
the roof break me
the chest
may it open
inside I don’t move
I don’t move
I’m not moving
I think I am a man
who looks others in the eye
and tells everything
Nothing nothing
is more violent than love
A fall down the stairs
beautiful death
let me listen of myself
another thing
What would be the truth?

From "Have You Ever Seen A Pine Sway Like This?" @Alejandra Urresti


Penance, @Alejandra Urresti

Happy Birthday, @Alejandra Urresti

Alejandra, @Alejandra Urresti

Fly and Collide, @Alejandra Urresti

Alejandra Urresti

Alejandra Urresti was born in 1975 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied Architecture at Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) until 4th year. 

She participated in several workshops with Alejandro Kuropatwa, Esteban Álvarez, Alberto Goldenstein, Victoria Noorthoorn, Verónia Gómez, Rosa Lesca, Selva Almada y Julián López among others.

In 2014, she published a poetry book called “¿Alguna vez viste un pino balanceándose así?” [Have you ever seen a pine swing this way?]

She took part in residences Batiscafo Proyect, La Habana, Cuba;  Nifca, Helsinki, Finlandia;  Arteles, Haukijärvi Finlandia.